Our Team

Artemio Guzman/Founder/ Business Tax Specialist/ Immigration Consultant

Artemio is a charismatic leader who has been preparing individual and small business income taxes since 1991 and established this company in 1993. He specializes in business and personal tax preparation as well with a wide range of consulting, planning, payroll tax services. Artemio has gained massive experience through out his career. He is currently located in our San Jose office.

Raul Guzman/ Senior Tax Specialist/ Notary Public

Raul has been a registered tax practitioner since 2002. He has graduated from San Jose State University (Fall 2010) with a BS in Finance. He has acquired an AA degree in Real Estate at De Anza College. Additioanly, he is our in-house Notary Public. Raul has an entrepreneurial spirit he is positive, optimistic and passionate about contributing to his community. Raul’s specialty is helping small business and individuals with a wide range of consulting, tax planning, and payroll.

zacil pic
Zacil Guzman/Immigration Consultant/ Tax Specialist

Zacil has been a registered tax practitioner since 2004. She has worked to grow and expand this company. She has a bachelors degree in accounting from San Jose Statue University. Zacil is very knowledgeable and keeps up with current trends, laws and regulations. Her main focus is tax planning and immigration. She’s a strong player in our team and contributes a wealth of new ideas to better serve our clients.

Jaime Jimenez

Jaime has been working with us for since 2008. He formally worked as a restaurant manager. Jaime started working with us part time and decided to change career paths to help those in need of financial services. He has obtained a lot of knowledge and experience working here. Jaime has contributed and brought new ides to make this company grow.

Noel Ambrosio/ Senior Tax Specialist

Noel has been preparing taxes since 2006. He has developed and gained lots of experience working with us. Noel is honest, organized, committed, and passionate about what he does. He has excellent communication skills and great customer service skills. Noel currently works in the Santa Clara office.